A brief FAQ about me  :)

Who am I ?

Well basically I am a programmer by profession, who likes to dabble in a whole bunch of strange stuff that’s nowhere related to programming during her off-office hours.The strange stuff that I am talking about is kind of ill defined. You probably just have to read my blog to figure out yourself :) . Suffice it to say that I am someone wearing several hats :) , although not all the hats fit me well enough :) , but damn, who cares!!!. I am just trying to have fun :)

What do I blog?

Well, I am not really a very focussed person with single minded goals and objectives. So I blog about anything and everything that comes to my mind. It can be about cooking, stitching, painting, a book review or it can be about technology, politics and social matters. He he he, so what you see on this blog is basically an online mapping of my confused brain trying to make some sense of this crazy world :)

How often do I blog?

Well I am an undisciplined brat :) and I never was a fan of deadlines and schedules . I blog whenever I am in the mood. That can mean  as many as 4 posts in a week or none for a month.The only certainty is the uncertainty :)

Disclaimer : The views expressed in this blog are solely my own and don’t represent those of my employer (Dell). I try to be as much original as I can, although I do a fair amount of research before airing my views on public forums . You know, I don’t want to end up sounding a moron before the whole world wide web :)