After Diggy, it’s now Mamata..


Mamata Banerjee seems to have taken center stage for standup comedy yet again.It’s people like her and Digvijay Singh that put chaar chand on Indian politics. And now that she is heading some banana government in her home state, she seems to be completely irrepresible. This promises to be a long and entertaining performance :) .


The latest Mamataism doing rounds,

  • I love the media. But don´t enter hospital premises. Even I take permission of the hospital superintendent before entering the premises. I don´t need permission but still I do since it´s a basic courtesy and also may be some infection can spread because of me
  • Do not watch the two television channels that are spreading falsehood against us. Instead listen to songs and watch entertainment channels like Star Jalsa, Tara and Channel 10
  • I do not care if fingers are pointed against me. I do not care for anybody. I only care for Ma, Mati, Manush of West Bengal
  • Intelligent people should use their intelligence for doing good.Instead they are using it to conspire against me
  • How will we run the state if they (Centre) take away all the money? They are trying to cripple the state. A lot has been said about us receiving huge amounts of money from the Centre. This is not true. We have not received a single penny
  • I don’t care for anybody but the common man. There is no point in scaring me. I am not a person to get scared. I will not stick to my chair. If I can’t work I shall quit
  • In the next five years I will do so much work that it will make the CPM jealous. We have done ten years’ work in ten months

My question is….Do we need Bollywood when we have Mamata Banerjee?And yes didi, we dont need to listen to songs and watch entertainment channels. Because you are a complete entertainment package yourself :)

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