The Bouffant Crown

Bouffant Crown

The Iron Ladies

Recently, I watched the movie “Iron Lady” which is based on the life of Margaret Thatcher. The movie gives significant detailing of Margaret Thatcher’s hairstyle which was restyled to give her a softer but more powerful look. Her hairstyle is popularly called as Bouffant¬†and has been adopted by many powerful women with short hair, including Indira Gandhi. While Margaret Thatcher’s hair was adorned by lots of curls, Indira Gandhi’s white streaks of hair gave her a rather unique look.

Besides the hair, both the women were nicknamed as Iron Lady,¬†both were the first female Prime Minister’s of their country, both were known for their authoritarianism and both guided their countries through wars.But I guess nothing stands out as much as the striking similarity of their hairdo :) .

I am marvelling at the magic that can be woven by the unpretentious scissors. It’s a hairy business, indeed :) .

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