Daily Inspiration

Inspirational and motivational quotes have the power to get us through a tough day, make us feel positive about ourselves, and instill in us profound wisdom as we go through our often hectic lifestyles.

When I first moved in to my one bedroom flat three years back, I decided to decorate the empty walls with posters. They were the cheapest option ;) . So I picked up a few of them from M.G Road. And they have been very conducive in making this lazy bum get up from bed, especially when it’s one of those dreary days :) .

So well, here they are…




Poster4                 Poster2








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Painting on Glass

Glass Painting with Cherries Design

Cherries Design

Glass Painting with Peacock Design

Peacock Design

I always had this desire to learn glass painting since the time I was a kid. The interest though was acquired from my sister, who had attended glass painting classes and used to bring home her assignments. For some reason, I had this view that paintings on the glass medium not only require a lot of finesse but they also look very elegant.So I tried to look up places in Banglaore that offer classes in glass painting. There were numerous options, however either they were located too far or were too expensive or the timings were just not feasible. This prompted me to go through DIY videos posted on youtube as well as blogs written by enthusiastic glass painters.Well, there was  a huge treasure trove of information.It didn’t take me long to realize that I can at least attempt a few basic and simple designs. The final result is there for you to see :)

I picked up these designs from one of the three design books I had in my possession.Initially, I spent some time trying to pick up an appropriate design from the web, but to no avail.Picking the right design is very important, especially for beginners.The guiding principle was that the design should be simple, should not have too many intricate details, but should have large, simple and smooth curves that are easy to trace.Also, it should not require too many colours or any unique colour that’s obtained by blending of colours.Keeping this in mind, I finalized on the above two designs.

A minimum requirement for glass painting are glass liners, glass paints(waterbased and non-waterbased), and the glass surface itself.The design is first traced on paper which is then fixed under the glass surface.Using the outliner, the design is then traced on the glass.After allowing the outline to dry, paint is filled into the required areas.When framing the picture, a crushed silver foil is used as backdrop for visual effects.Acetone or nail polish remover can be used to wipe out any paint that spills, even though the outliner should ideally prevent the same. A cutter can be used for evening or thinning the outline.Alternatively, a permanent black marker can also be used for outlining in intricate places.Also, it is very important to ensure that bubbles do not form when filling the paint.If they do form, however, a safety pin or toothpick can be used for bursting them immediately.It is also advisable for beginners to use waterbased paints that can be pumped out, so that a brush need not be used.

Of the two paintings above, the cherries were comparatively simpler.For the peacock,I had to put in more time and effort, especially in getting the outline perfected.Overall, I feel the biggest pressure point for glass paintings is the outline and ensuring that the paint is spread evenly, without bubbles.An uneven jagged outline can spoil the beauty of the whole work.But having said that, glass painting is also one of the simplest forms of painting that require relatively lesser time.

Finally, I would like to sign off on the note that I think I didn’t do too bad a job for a beginner :)

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Best Out of Waste – Part 1

Flower Vase made with Waste Material

Flower Vase

My mom has always been a great fan of creating useful things out of waste material. In fact, when my mom is staying with me, she doesn’t let me dispose off the waste stuff :) . And in case I argue, she throws at me a bunch of ideas of how to make useful craft from the waste material. Well, of late I have started seeing some merit in her ideas :) . The below two creations are an output of that.

This was a candle in a glass showpiece that I had purchased during my Ooty trip. One day, there was a powercut and I didn’t have any candles at home, so I decided to use this showpiece candle. Needless to say, the showpiece didn’t remain a showpiece any more. The glass got blackened from soot and the wax became rubbery and blackish. So I thought of turning it into a flower vase instead. I dished out all the spoilt wax, washed the glass properly to remove the black stains and then wrapped it with a thick red thread( which i got for a few rupees in one of the mobile stalls). It’s not complete as I am planning to make some artificial flowers which I can then put in the vase.Hopefully that will make for another post :)

Pen Stand made with Waste Material

Pen Stand

This is a pen-stand made with a baked beans can. I had collected some of the ads that come in glossy paper along with your daily newspaper.Alternatively, you can also make this with magazine paper. Roll the paper and secure it with fevicol.Cut all the rolls to same height as that of can. Next stick the rolled sheets on the can with fevicol.

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Playing with Suncatchers

SunCatcher with KingFisher Design

KingFisher Design

SunCatcher with Butterfly Design

Butterfly Design

SunCatcher with Bird Design

Bird Design

That’s my attempt at painting suncatchers :). Suncatchers are pieces of reflective glass hung from windows to supposedly catch the sunlight. They are mostly used as decorative items.

I got hold of the above designs from Staples store. They have been painted with glass colours that are sold along with the frame. They are relatively simple and easy to paint, but require some good judgement in spreading the paint evenly. As you can probably make out, I bungled a bit with the butterfly, he he :) .But all in all, it was an enjoyable experience!!

Strangely, this reminds me of the song I’m gonna soak up the sun….

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A Stitch in Time Saves Nine :)

Not that the zillion or so stitches that went into making this stuff actually saved anything, he he :) . Or maybe it did. Maybe it prevented that fine virtue called Patience from running away from me :) .

These are the Anchor stitch kits which are easily available these days in big retail stores. I purchased mine from M.K Retail near CMH road Junction. I got hooked to them after leaving my previous job, he he :) , so now you are getting it! But had loads of fun making them and have spent countless hours pouring over them with a menacing needle and an aching back. Btw, that innocent looking koala bear really drove me nuts.Phew!!!!

Hope everyone out there likes it !

Disclaimer : These are not for sale or donation :)

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