French Toast

Yummy French Toast

French Toast

France is celebrated not just as the fashion capital of the world, but is also widely regarded as a Food Mecca.The French give this characteristic artistic touch to their cooking, and their dishes look so appealing on the plate that one would even hesitate diving in.French cooking techniques are also one of the most difficult to master. The Cordon Bleu culinary school, which originated in France, however is steadily becoming popular all over the world, and is leaving it’s stamp on the contemporary food philosophy.

Ok, now brace yourself for the myth buster :) . French Toast is not a French dish. It never originated in France.Secondly, French Toast is not supposed to be one of those elegant desserts; It’s traditionally cooked from stale bread and can be rustled up in 15 minutes.But there’s no denying it’s delicious beyond words. it’s my ideal comfort food :)

The recipe for French Toast is unbelievingly simple. Cut the bread into halves.Although, it’s okay to use stale bread for this dish, make sure that the bread is firm and not crumbly, else the toasts will disintegrate while frying. Pour some milk(preferably cold) in a bowl, beat in a egg (for the binding), add sugar to taste, and any other flavour agents of one’s choice. My favourites are cinnamon powder and cardamom powder.Dip the bread pieces in this mix, and then shallow fry them in a pan.Cook from both sides until they get a golden brown colour.And voila, French Toasts are ready to serve!! :)

Well, this dish fits in perfectly with my personal food philosophy of Cooking Simple, Cooking Fast, Cooking Healthy and Cooking Yummy :) Try this out, dear friends, if you haven’t yet.Cooking just doesn’t get simpler than this.This is a recipe with no regrets :)


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