What is it?
It’s a hot dog.
It’s a hot hot dog.
It’s a hot dog.

-Keanu Reeves in Sweet November

Hotdog is one of those popular American fast foods that’s steadily making it’s appearance in the Indian street food scene.And for those bewildered by the name (as I was for a very long time :) ), of course, it’s got nothing to do with dogs :)

Hotdogs traditionally consist of meat sausages placed within rectangular pieces of sliced bun and topped with some kind of sauce (tomato, mustard, mayonnaise etc.).And to justify the “hot” in the hotdog, it is grilled on a hot plate before being served. And it is eaten in the same manner as any other sandwich.

With hotdog buns and packaged meat sausages easily available in superstores these days, it has become very easy to prepare hotdogs at home; even easier than sandwiches I would argue. Just fry off a couple of chicken sausages and heat the buns on a pan with little amount of butter/oil. Place lettuce leaves in the slit of the bun, then the sausage pieces, and finally onion slices and jalapenos(optional). Top off with a sauce of your choice. I used tomato ketchup and mustard sauce. Don’t forget to have it hot :)

And in case the “hot dog” turns out to be a “hot hot dog”, then you can take my cue and have “thanda thanda cool cool Roohafza” :) . Strange combination, I know…..but it helps :) .

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