Sevai ka Halwa

Sevai ka Halwa

Sevai ka Halwa

Sevai is one of those delicacies without which the festival of Eid is not considered complete.Almost every Muslim household has it’s own ancestral way of preparing Sevai. Even the dry form of sevai is available in different textures, hence leading to a variety of sevai preparations.The most popular Sevai recipe is of course Sheer Korma, in which Sevai is cooked in milk. The recipe which I am going to describe in this post, is how my mother prepares it every Eid :)

Sevai ka Halwa, as the name suggests, is nothing but vermicelli cooked like a halwa.Like any festive dish, it has quite an elaborate preparation. The dish is very rich, has lots of nuts and if cooked in ghee, lasts for a week.

Before we actually start cooking the dish, a few prep work needs to be completed. Take some cashewnuts and pistas and coarsely grind them. Fry off these cashewnuts, pistas and raisins in a pan with some ghee. Soak some almonds in warm water, peel them and cut them into thin slices. Fry off some fresh and good quality khoa in ghee until it turns light brown. Finally make a sugar syrup of two or three thread consistency.

Now take a large kadhai and add a generous amount of ghee. Once the ghee melts, add the sevai and cook it until it’s colour changes to dark brown.This recipe requires the roasted whole wheat thin and long sevai which is generally sold in the markets only on the occasion of Eid. Now, add some warm milk and cook the sevai until the milk is completely absorbed. At this stage, add the browned khoa and mix it well into the sevai. Now add the sugar syrup in appropriate quantity, according to your personal preference. Finally mix in the fried nuts. For more flavour, you can add cardamom powder and rose essence.Garnish with the sliced almonds.

Well, sevai is the first dish that we prepare on the day of Eid and also the first dish that we serve. The meat dishes only take second priority :) . I hope you will try out this recipe in your home and that you will love it as much as my family does :) . Eid Mubarak!!

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