Mushroom Stuffed Omelettes

Spanish Omelette with Stuffed Mushrooms

Spanish Omelette with Stuffed Mushrooms

This dish elevates the humble omelette to all it’s glory :) . It’s a far cry from the dreary bread omelette which is a staple breakfast and snack item in Indian homes. Stuffed Omelettes are one of those versatile dishes which can be tuned to one’s imagination. Stuffings can be one’s favourite veggies or minced meat or even mushrooms as in this case. And one can have this as a meal all by itself or along with any bread accompaniments.

Stuffed Omelettes are thicker than the regular omelettes and a tad well-cooked. To prepare this dish, first saute some chopped button mushrooms in a generous amount of butter along with salt, herb seasonings and chopped coriander leaves. Cook until dry. Next fry an omelette in the traditional way, except make sure that the base is twice as thick. Once the omelette is cooked on both sides, spread the mushrooms in the centre and fold the opposite edges to form a roll. Serve hot.

My dad gave me pass marks for this dish :) . So do try this in your homes as well. It is a bit unusual combination, but trust me, it tastes awesome :) . Enjoy cooking!!

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