My Favourite Sports Movies

I love watching sports on telly and have also been involved in sports from my school days. This probably explains why I love sports movies so much. In this post, I have compiled a short list of my all time favourite sports movies from Hollywood.Lemme take you through them..

1. The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005) : Well, I have lived next to a golf course for the better part of my childhood and always had this opinion that Golf is the most boring game ever invented. This movie however made me do a U-Turn. The awe-inspiring picturization, the mind-blowing direction and the motivational story of the dark-horse making it big will all make you instantly fall in love with Golf. This is one of those slow-moving movies where messages are conveyed more through pictures and expressions than through words.I have seen this movie so many times that I think I have almost memorised it. In short, this one is a treat!!

2. Miracle (2004) : This movie is about Ice Hockey and is one of the finest performances of Kurt Russell. The storyline begins with how Russell goes about building the formidable U.S hockey team and culminates in the epic clash between USA and Russia in the 1980 Olympics, when the Cold War is at it’s peak. I also have to add that Chak De , which came three years later, is a pale imitation of Miracle. This movie lays a huge emphasis on team spirit and the nail-biting match at the end will surely make you feel that you are watching it live in the stadium :) .And yes, don’t miss the Tonight speech by Russell just before the final match…it will give you goosebumps!

3. Coach Carter (2005) : This movie is based on the game of basketball. It’s set in the backdrop of the poor,crime-ridden, black neighbourhood in Richmond. Coach Carter, played by Samuel Jackson, lays down some tough rules to discipline his team, most of who are not doing well academically. He puts his career on the line to ensure that every player scores a good enough GPA to get into college and does not get misled into prioritising basketball over college.This movie has lots of motivational and inspiring scenes and I have learnt quite a few dialogues by heart :) . And like any other sports movies, this one too is loaded with all the drama that comes with a close-finish game.

4. Cinderella Man (2005) : Cinderella Man is based on the life of the boxing legend, James Braddock and his rags to riches story in the midst of the Great Depression. The lead role is played lovingly by one of my favourite actors, Russell Crowe :) . I had always considered boxing as a savage game, but this movie sketches a very humane portrayal of the life and personality of boxers. It provides an insight into the trials and tribulations of Baddock and how he struggles to feed his family by making a determined comeback to the boxing ring when almost everyone has written him off. Cinderella Man underscores the fact that Great Champions always have a great heart :) .

5. Ice Princess (2005) : This one is about figure skating, a sport which I knew very little about. But the few times I had seen skating shows on TV, I have to admit it was difficult for me to take my eyes off :) .While skating may look very beautiful and effortless on the outside, it requires a lot of hard work, poise and discipline. It’s not dance, it’s sports. And it’s acrobatics and it’s physics. Well if you want to know the physics behind ice-skating, then watch Ice Princess.The beauty and technique of skating that’s depicted in the movie is what keeps Ice Princess from otherwise degenerating into a chick flick.

Except for Ice Princess, all the rest are based on true stories. And in case you didn’t notice, 2005 seems to be my lucky year for sports movies :D .

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