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Best Out of Waste – Part 1

Flower Vase made with Waste Material

Flower Vase

My mom has always been a great fan of creating useful things out of waste material. In fact, when my mom is staying with me, she doesn’t let me dispose off the waste stuff :) . And in case I argue, she throws at me a bunch of ideas of how to make useful craft from the waste material. Well, of late I have started seeing some merit in her ideas :) . The below two creations are an output of that.

This was a candle in a glass showpiece that I had purchased during my Ooty trip. One day, there was a powercut and I didn’t have any candles at home, so I decided to use this showpiece candle. Needless to say, the showpiece didn’t remain a showpiece any more. The glass got blackened from soot and the wax became rubbery and blackish. So I thought of turning it into a flower vase instead. I dished out all the spoilt wax, washed the glass properly to remove the black stains and then wrapped it with a thick red thread( which i got for a few rupees in one of the mobile stalls). It’s not complete as I am planning to make some artificial flowers which I can then put in the vase.Hopefully that will make for another post :)

Pen Stand made with Waste Material

Pen Stand

This is a pen-stand made with a baked beans can. I had collected some of the ads that come in glossy paper along with your daily newspaper.Alternatively, you can also make this with magazine paper. Roll the paper and secure it with fevicol.Cut all the rolls to same height as that of can. Next stick the rolled sheets on the can with fevicol.

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