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Indian Secularism : A Taste of Fusion

Recipe : Indian Secularism

Ingredients :

  • Plain Rice : Indian Elections
  • Oil : Political Campaigns
  • Tadka of spices : The Singh Parivar (Digvijay Singh, Rajnath Singh,Mulayam Singh)
  • Red Chilli Powder : Narendra Modi
  • Lemon Juice : Advaniji
  • Salt : Congress
  • Sugar : Nitish Kumar
  • Coriander Leaves : Lalu Prasad
  • Mushrooms (optional) : Manmohan Singh

Procedure :

  • Heat some oil in a traditional Indian kadhai over a traditional koele ka chulha. Selecting a variety of oils is recommended as this country prides itself in it’s diversity.Be aware that you may face some difficulty in getting hold of coal though.I am sure I don’t need to explain the reason behind that.
  • Once the oil is sufficiently hot and dainty plumes of smoke can be seen rising, add some tadka eg mustard seeds, zeera, crushed peppercorns etc. The role of the tadka is to get the initial flavour going. Here, by flavour I of course mean secularism.
  • Once the tadka has done it’s job, it’s time to add the cooked white rice.You know, the rice has to be the star of the dish, in fact it’s the only basis of the dish.All the fuss and tamasha happens around it.
  • Stir the rice so that it is thoroughly coated with oil and takes on the initial flavouring from our tadka.I hope you see the analogy here.Elections have to be well greased by campaigns, if they are to make any difference.
  • Now is the time to add the main flavour agents.Well I am thinking…Spicy food is always popular, salt is a necessary ingredient…as for sugar and lemon juice, they can always be used to create a well balanced dish.So there you have the magic formula.Hurrah!!And yes, the salt is not meant to be rubbed into somebody’s wound, as the Congress is inclined to do these days to it’s rival.
  • You might as well throw in some sauted mushrooms now.Well, they are so bland, they not going to make a difference anyway. They are only supposed to give a meaty texture.
  • And no Indian dish can be complete without the evergreen Coriander Leaves. They can lift any dish from the depths of mediocrity.Add ┬áit as a final garnish.

Serve :

  • Serve this authentic dish of Indian Secularism with Tamarind Chutney from Tamil Nadu, Rosogolla from West Bengal and Aam ka Achaar from Punjab.
  • It would be wise to give the first serving to Uttar Pradesh.They say that the nation votes as UP votes. This gives the cook an opportunity to correct calculation mistakes early on.
  • When serving the dish to the Media, make sure the flavours and the plating are upto the mark.Because they are the opinion makers.You wouldn’t want to be on their wrong side now, would you?

Source of the Recipe : Past 65 years of experience

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