An Animated GIF Exercise

Animated GIF for my Blog

Animated GIF for my Blog

So this weekend, I decided to get my hands dirty with designing an animated GIF for my blog. I used Photoshop Elements 9, although this can also be acomplished with everyone’s favourite free image editing tool, GIMP. There are plenty of video tutorials available in Youtube to get one started.The above GIF with animated text is probably one of the simpler designs and hence ideal for a beginner.I used this for reference. I have used the Impact font and the Wave font style.Also I have used colours which are in coherence with my wordpress theme. The  idea was to depict one conquering small milestones over a long winding road, which I hope comes out as the message in this GIF :) . Although my original intention was to make the characters lie flat, in order to depict a road; turns out it wasn’t all that simple to implement.

The basic technique behind creating an animated GIF is to run a slideshow over a sequence of image layers. Hence, the more the number of layers, the greater is the detail captured in the GIF. One can create more complicated GIFs using the inbuilt shapes that come in PSE.Google, and you will find truckloads of information :) .

Now I know that sometimes an animated GIF can be a tad irritating to the eye as they constantly keep blinking. And no wonder they are used to create all those online Ads. Different browsers support different ways of stopping animated GIFs. Hopefully, that will make for another blog article.

Till then, enjoy this animation :) . I would also love to have any feedback and suggestions on my GIF design.

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