‘i’Ayesha’s ‘i’mpressive ‘i’Pad


Yayyyyy!!!!! Finally I have an iPad :)

I had been toying with the idea of purchasing a tab for quite some time. With it’s user-interface for dummies design and lightweight nature, not to mention a killer form factor, a tab can actually be a better ROI than the conventional laptops when it comes to daily use. With the release of iPad 3, iPad 2 prices were slashed by as much as 5K and I thought it would be a good time to splurge :) . I decided to go for iPad 2 as opposed to the New iPad firstly because it was cheaper by 6K, secondly becabuse I really didn’t care much about the new iPad features of retina display, 4G and camera improvements, and lastly because I reckon it would be foolish to think of making long term purchases in the highly competitive gadgets market. Few friends suugested the Akash tab, but it’s dreary look and terrible performance was a huge turn-off. Though I did give some serious thought to Samsung’s Galaxy tab which came with a higher price tag, I ultimately decided to stick to Apple’s iOS with the thought of purchasing an Android smartphone later.

I bought my iPad from the Staples store in my neighbourhood. I was initially looking to buy the 32GB version, but the guy at the store informed me that iPad 2′s were now being sold only in the 16GB version. So 16GB it was :) , since I am of the opinion that computing devices should come with lightweight just enough storage, and an external storage device should ideally store all my data. Also, I decided to go with the Wi-fi version, instead of the 3G version, because firstly it’s cheaper and secondly because it wasn’t my plan to use my iPad on the move, especially since the 3G coverage in India is nothing to write home about :) . Also I preferred a black iPad over a white one, as I had read not very positive online reviews of the white version.

Along with the iPad, I also purchased a transparent protective film, which set me back by 600 bucks and which on second thoughts could have been done without. And I am yet to settle on a suitable cover. I heard that the magnetic covers are now available with a back cover as well, but not sure whether it’s available here yet.

And oh, the day I got this baby it had my full attention until the wee hours of the morning :) . And did I mention that I bought this for my dad? :) …yeah, that’s the long term plan :)

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