Learning Programming on the Go!!

Today in office, one of my teammates pointed me to a very interesting site http://labs.codecademy.com/. It has been around for some 4-5 months and is still at a very nascent stage. The site promises/aims to teach you programming online without downloading any IDE or editor.Currently it offers courses only in Javascript, but Python and Ruby courses are also on the way.

Each course is divided into several lessons and a lesson consists of several exercises.To encourage the learner are incentives in the form of badges and points. The lessons are pretty straightforward and are presented in a very logical fashion.An online editor is provided for the learner to key in the commands and see the output.And oh, did I mention that you can create your own lessons? Frankly, it’s difficult not to be wowed by this thing.

So today, I spent some time in this place learning javascript.From my end, codeacademy has a big and emphatic thumbs up :) .It really makes learning a new programming language less painful. Can’t wait for the upcoming lessons!!

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