Playing with FlashDevelop

The project I was assigned to in my new job had a web-based Flash UI and looked pretty cool!!. In the past, I have never been directly involved in any web UI related work. So I thought that it would be a great opportunity to learn something new and that’s basically the inspiration behind this post.

While searching for a suitable Flash Editor, I came across FlashDevelop, FlashBuilder and FDT. Both FlashBuilder and FDT are eclipse plugins for flash and flex development with FDT being the editor of choice for ActionScript coding. The only downside is that these two eclipse plugins have an attached price tag. However, FlashDevelop is a free and open source editor. It provides support for ActionScript coding and haXe development.According to this, FlashDevelop is more generally a great web developer IDE with integrated source-control support(svn, git, mercurial), tasks/todo, snippets, XML/HTML completion and built-in zen-coding for HTML.

I downloaded the FlashDevelop executable and tried to install it on my dev machine. The installation was however not a smooth ride as the installer kept failing in downloading third party tools (I guess some proxy/timeout issue).I spent a good one hour troubleshooting this error, but couldn’t find much help on the net. Finally, I found a workaround here, which worked like a charm :) . Now, I have my editor up and running.

FlashDevelop has it’s own wiki, which has loads of helpful information and very convenient for beginners.I will need to spend a lot of time here going through the various concepts and buzz words(ActionScript, Flex, haXe, AIR….blah,blah,blah).

Some of the things I want to achieve with FlashDevelop are,

1. Create a small movie. It will actually be a slideshow of pictures with music playing in the background.
2. Create a sample Flash desktop application (prototype of my PoC work in office??)
3. Create a sample Flash web application (prototype of my PoC work in office??)
4. Explore the various features and capabilities of FlashDevelop.

Good Luck girl!! :)

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