The Tablet Market

Tablets can easily qualify as probably the best gadget innovation that happened in quite some time. They are rapidly becoming part of our lives and changing especially the way we consume media on a daily basis.The tablet penetration in India is still at a nascent stage but increasingly people are seen preferring a tablet over a laptop.The main reason for this sea change in customer attitude is owing to the fact that tablets deliver a superior user experience, are more portable and have a lower price tag.

The tablet market has been flooded by several vendors.Here are the resources and information links for some of the best tabs so far. The starting prices refer to the price at which the lowest configuration of that tab was launched in India.

1.  iPad

Spec : iPad 2, iPad 3 (The New iPad)

Engadget Review : iPad 2, iPad 3

Starting Price in India : Rs 24,500

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab

Spec : 620 (7 in), 680 (7.7 in), 730, (8.9 in), 750 (10.1 in), 310 (2nd gen. 7 in), 2nd gen 10.1 in

Engadget Review : 620, 680, 730, 750,  310, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

Starting Price in India : Rs. 26,680, Rs. 36,670, Rs. 32,790, Rs. 34,910, Rs 23,250, Rs. 29,999 respectively

3. Amazon Kindle Fire


Engadget Review

Starting Price in India : Rs 12,590

4. Sony Tablet S


Engadget Review

Starting Price in India : Rs. 22,990

5. Asus Eee Pad Transformer

Spec : Transformer TF101, Transformer Prime

Engadget Review : Transformer, Transformer Prime

Starting Price in India : Rs 26,124 and Rs. 49,999 respectively

6. Acer Iconia

Spec : A500, W500

Engadget Review : A500, W500

Starting Price in India : Rs. 27,900 and Rs. 31,500 respectively

7. Blackberry Playbook


Engadget Review

Starting Price in India : Rs. 13,990

8. Microsoft Surface (Coming Soon)

Spec : Windows RT, Windows Pro

Engadget Review

Starting Price in India : Rs 30,000 and Rs 35,000 respectively

Here is the most recent market share data for various tablet manufacturers. Also, refer this for the most important things to consider when purchasing a tablet.

Anyone tab hungry??? :D

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