What I Don’t Like About iPads

Yes, I am still an ipad fan :) , despite this post.But, as they say, you really can’t have it all. So, I thought of doing this writeup on things I don’t like about my ipad 2. And this is purely from the hardware perspective.

1. No USB port : Yes, I know that’s shocking. So that means you can’t plug in your external hard drive or even pen drive for that matter into this baby. Want USB port badly?….you need to shell out some money and buy the USB adaptor.Also, there’s no SD card slot. So no way of extending capacity and no way of plugging in a device with more capacity :(

2. Proprietary Connector Port : Yes, I’ll admit that I was warned that purchasing an apple device means getting locked in to it’s ecosystem :) . What the proprietary connector port does essentially is ensure that if you ever want to connect any external gadget to your ipad, you need to buy a corresponding adaptor for it. So you better have deep pockets if you want to marry your ipad with other third-party goodies and candies :)

3.  No economical cover cum stand : Now, I really don’t get it why a simple cover for an ipad should cost more than 2k. I mean, really, why??? And why do all of them look so hideous? Yes, the Smart Cover is probably the only exception but then it only protects the screen (the recent ones do cover both sides) and needless to mention, comes with a ridiculous price tag. And all the electronic stores that I visited so far, don’t keep demo pieces for ipad accessories. Do they really expect the customers to shell out in excess of 3k by judging the ipad cover from the cover it itself comes in?It’s frustrating to say the least.

4. Charging issues : Whenever I try to charge my ipad through my laptop, it charges upto 5% and then says “Not Charging”. Charging through the wall outlet goes fine though. When I googled for this issue on the internet, I found that “Not Charging” actually means charging very slowly because the USB’s don’t emit enough power to charge a device like an ipad. Ok, this doesn’t bother me much since a workaround is available, but nevertheless it’s a dampener on the user experience especially since I am running out of wall sockets for my electronic devices.

5. Proprietary data distribution channel : The culprit here is iTunes. Yes, it’s free, yes it’s feature rich and yes, it looks very cool. But what if I want to use an alternative tool for managing some, if not all my media. Doesn’t the user have a choice? Can’t we just lazily drag and drop media files from laptop to ipad? Well, apparently NO.

6. Handle with care : When you hold the ipad in your hand, you just can’t help get the feeling that it’s one of those beautiful and expensive pieces of cutting-edge technology that needs to be handled delicately. So you need to be extra careful to ensure that it doesn’t slip from your fingers and drops on the floor. And if like me, you haven’t purchased the cover yet, well then you need to be insanely careful :)

If this article has put off anybody who was contemplating purchasing an ipad, then let me reiterate. I still love my ipad!! :)

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