And yet another year goes by…

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”

I guess there’s no better way of describing Twenty Ten.In the beginning of the year, I decided to explore what others will tell, the ominous experience of ‘staying alone’, by renting out a beautiful 1BHK apartment overlooking Indiranagar 80ft rd.In case you are wondering how I manage (everyone asks me this :) ), well it’s really not so difficult…if, hmmm let’s see…… if you have a job that makes sure you are at least 100% utilized…..if you find yourself pre-occupied with your deadlines and bugs even when you are at home, despite being very much aware that you can find better ways to fill your time……if you are addicted to the innumerable food shows aired on the idiot box, even though you know that cooking isn’t exactly your cup of tea……..if you like watching Barkha Dutt,Rajdeep Sardesai and Arnab Goswami shouting their lungs out……..if you both like and despise watching reality shows……..if your favourite verb is googling, www your primary source of information, and your home is blessed with a broadband connection……..if you have a comfortable laptop running Windows 7, a boxful of movie dvds and an ipod to hold more songs than you will ever hear in your life……..if there are a bunch of malls within a 5-6km radius, where you can go windows shopping, er sorry  gazing…….if you like enjoying your movies in the comforts of a multiscreen theatre, a bag of popcorns and a glass of pepsi……..if you like to snug under a warm blanket with a good novel and an apple to munch on………if you feel there’s nothing demeaning about staring emptily at the ceiling…….. well, I can still go on, but I don’t want to bother coz’ I think my dear Reader, you must have got my point by now :) .All in all, the experience has been enjoyable most of the times and depressing some of the time, but something I will cherish forever, something that has helped me come out of my shell, something that has really made me grow as a person.

Well, now on to more important things. 2010 was a year dominated by eye-boggling political scams (just when you think it can’t get worse than this, some more skeletons come tumbling out), although what captured my attention more was the Madhu Koda mining scam(Jharkhand is my home state) and the 2G scam(for the corporate+goverment+media nexus that got exposed for the first time).The Indian media has been blamed for many things in the past, but never for being corporate proxies. I will be looking forward to more developments on this scam next year, and I hope the media will give it the coverage it deserves (2G scam is biggest scam of independent India). Sadly though , as a fallout of this scam most of us will start doubting the authenticity of our daily news feeds.Apart from this, the Telangana uprising and the Maoist insurgency also grabbed headlines for a long time, and they will definitely be on my radar next year.

However,by far, what I found the most interesting development this year was the Wikileaks revelation of U.S diplomatic cables.The Foreign News page of the newspaper was what I would read first even when I was in school.International relations and world affairs is something I find extremely engrossing and one of my childhood dreams(there’s countless) was to get into IFS (oh, if only it wasn’t so difficult and my conversation skills not so terrible). The diplomatic cables are like a treasure trove , and there’s too much of juicy information to digest fast.So I guess, I will take my own time in going through it.Hopefully, I will even post about it.

Here’s welcoming a more prosperous 2011, and a Happy New Year to all my readers :) .

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